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Manual /Tutorial


Marzipan v5.7
Marzipan v6.0

Tut,understanding Marzipan

Convert *.obj into *.man to work with SilentWalk 1.

Silent Block

Model creator for SilentWalk 1, imports only *.obj

Silent Sparks

A particle creator for SWR.

Silent Walk 1.1 (multifloor)

To make light flicker, set the light range parameter to 117

The first game creator made by zoltan.

Silent Walk 2


The second game creator made by zoltan.

Silent Walk renaissance

Basicly a combined sw1 and sw2 program.

Scroller Game Creator

Easily create scroller type games with this tool.

Tuloloo HMTL5 (Win)
Tululoo HTML5 (Mac)
Tululoo HTML5 (Linux)

Create browser based games with this.

Retrostica 1.5

Make wonderfull music with this virtual keyboard.


A benchmark tool.

MegaKerma v3.0

The latest game creation tool of zoltan.

Sw2 has become free, serial:

SGC has become free.

Retrostica website is gone, Therefor the download is the full version.

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