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Welcome to my website, i’m a dutch guy named Rob and i enjoy developing.
Making 3d models/designing/making music/pixel art/websites and programming software.

All my projects are being build with perfection in mind.
Some projects may be cancelled without further notice.

This is my personal website, and currently i’m not very active on developing.
However you can check from time to time if i posted new items.

In the top left there’s a box which tells you when the last site change was.

Do you like to have something made by me?, Then feel free to send me a email about it.

Everything i develop is just a hobby and not my job, so some things might take some time.
(unless it’s a paid request).
Building a website is only for people who live in “The Netherlands”, or we must have agreed on some different method for payment.

i also like to play games and try out different kinds of software…
Sometimes i do reviews or gameplay videos on youtube.

I also have a gaming group on steam, for that link i redirect you to my gaming group website.
Click here.

For more information you can email me at:


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Prices of my products may be changed at any time without further notice.

I reserve the right to change the product prices at any time without further notice.